Thursday, August 2, 2007

Joining the book club

At Barnes & Noble this evening I was verbally accosted by the cashier, harping on me to get a Member Card. She first asked when I approached the counter to pay, if I had one. I said no, thanks, that's alright. She asked again, reminding me I would save on each purchase if I applied for a Member Card. I said no thanks. Then, she berated me with questions about what I read, how often I buy books there, and tried to explain how much I'd save if I only had a Member Card. As she handed me my receipt, I learned that of my $73.14 purchase, I have 30 days in which I can still get a Member Card and save those $7.00. I just gave your store $73 lady! What more do you want?
People of the retail/service/sales industry- no means no! Though, perhaps now I'll consider getting a Crown Books member card.

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