Thursday, August 16, 2007

What liberal bias?

Now, that's mature!
Joe Scarborough has pulled back the curtain on the liberal bias at MSNBC, describing an incident in which people in its newsroom ceaselessly booed President Bush during a State of the Union address.

The revelation came on "Morning Joe" today at 6:02 A.M. EDT. Joe was discussing a recent episode at the Seattle Times in which reporters and editors cheered the news that Karl Rove had resigned. Scarborough applauded Seattle Times Executive Editor Dave Boardman for issuing a memorandum reproving his colleagues.


capper said...

The question is how did they report on it? Did MSNBC come out and mock Bush on the air? I don't remember hearing about it, and I am sure that would have set up an alarm among the squawkers.

The second paragraph is more telling. The executive editor, the person that controls what is published and how it is presented, is a conservative. That would mean that even if the reporters are liberal, what they would want to say isn't allowed, but the conservative points probably wouldn't be looked at twice.

Marcus Aurelius said...


How do you know the editor is a conservative?