Saturday, April 26, 2008

15 going on 85

How inspiring. And laughable.
Miley Cyrus has reportedly inked a seven-figure deal to pen her memoirs. And none too soon. At 15, she's achieved the maturity and distance needed to reflect on her life's lessons. Although the book won't hit stores until 2009, Celebritology has obtained (wink wink) an incomplete outline of the book's proposed chapters, complete with handy descriptions.
Excuse me while I die of laughter.

She's 15!! What is this for- so the 7th graders can read it?

I suppose as long as they are actually reading, it's a good thing. And not the memoirs of a crack-whore crazy like Britney or Lindsay.

But honestly, don't feed me the bull about her maturity level. I'm almost 24 and no where near able to "reflect on my life's lessons." I'm still living it!!

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