Monday, April 28, 2008

Horror movie without hollywood

There are no words to describe the punishment this man deserves.
A 73-year-old man has confessed to holding his daughter captive in his home cellar for nearly 24 years and fathering seven children by her, Austrian police say.

Mr. F. has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and having seven children with her.

1 of 3 Austrian police spokesman Franz Polzer told CNN, the man, known as Mr. F., admitted holding his daughter hostage in a windowless cell in the basement of his home for more than two decades.

Mr. F. told police that one of the children he fathered with his daughter Elisabeth F. was a twin who died. Mr. F. also admitted he burned the body of the dead child in an oven inside the house, according to Polzer.

Further DNA tests will now be carried out to confirm fatherhood, Polzer said.
It gets worse.
Elisabeth F. gave police a "psychologically and physically disturbed impression," police said in a statement.

She said her father began sexually abusing her at age 11. On August 8, 1984 -- weeks before she was reported missing -- her father enticed her into the basement, where he drugged her, put her in handcuffs and locked her in a room, she told police.

For the next 24 years, she was constantly raped by her father, resulting in the six surviving children, she said, according to the police statement.

She also told police she gave birth to twins in 1996, but one of the babies died a few days later as a result of neglect, and Mr. F. removed the infant's body and burned it.

She told police that only her father supplied her and her children with food and clothing, and that she did not think his wife knew anything about their situation

Mr. F. lived upstairs with his wife, Rosemarie F., who police said had no idea about her husband's other family living in the cellar.

Mr. F. and Rosemarie F. had adopted three of the children that he had with his daughter, according to police. He told his wife that his missing daughter had dropped the unwanted children off at the house because she could not take care of them, police said.

When Kerstin fell ill earlier this month, Mr. F. apparently told his wife and the hospital that his "missing" daughter had dropped off the sick girl on his doorstep.
I thought I was pretty good at believing the lies of men, but this takes the cake. How could the wife NOT know this was happening?

Does Austria believe in torture? I think it's appropriate here.

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