Monday, October 1, 2007

Children as political pawns

When you see a few dozen children holding signs and marching holding their teachers' hands outside the White House, you expect them to be on a fun-filled educational field trip to the great city of Washington, D.C.

You would not expect the Service Employees International Union to be using them as political pawns, filling their vocabulary with chants they don't understand but robotically repeat, and dumping petitions on the drive of the White House in symbolic statement for SCHIP, a program they likely have no idea about. I can only assume they expected a juice box and some cookies after their excursion.

This is by no means a cutesy story- and the images on Fox News tonight were sad. Kudos to Senator Kennedy for pointing out these children were not in school, when they should have been learning their ABCs and 123s- not "protesting" something they don't yet understood.

It is disgusting to see such young impressional minds under the wrong impression.

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steveegg said...

Actually, I expect sign-holding children to be pawns of the left.