Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Couric's ratings up

Let's be clear: They want to "get" her - Palin, that is. Katie is a mastermind at trying, but she hasn't really succeeded yet. And the public loves to watch a good squirm.
Katie Couric's series of buzzworthy interviews with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has given "CBS Evening News" a boost.

Couric scored an exclusive interview last week with Palin while the Alaska governor was at the United Nations General Assembly to meet with world leaders. Those interviews -- which included several clips that received a lot of Web traffic -- appeared on "Evening News" on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Neither newscast beat ABC and NBC, but "Evening News" showed ratings increases on both nights. Wednesday's household rating was up 14 percent to a 4.1, compared with ABC's 5.6 and NBC's 5.3; Thursday was up 8 percent to a 4.0, compared with the 5.4 that ABC and NBC received.
So even while I'll cheer Sarah on when she's not as strong, the ratings aren't because Katie's any good. It's because the viewers are waiting...for the "gotcha"!


Nick said...

So why are you cheering her when she's not strong? Those clips have been more than simply very embarassing. Those really do show a troubling lack of experience or knowledge which is required to hold the second highest office.

So is it just because she's a woman? And should that be enough of a reason?

Anonymous said...

You are such a cheerleader for Ms. Palin, I love your spunk. Now let's hope she doesn't get her ass handed to her by Sen. Biden.

lms said...

I think Palin is walking a fine line between staying on message and trying to please these dumb-ass reporters by answering the questions they ask when they push and push because they aren't happy with the first answer.

Note to reporters: quit pushing, you won't get any further. Take the first answer and go with it.

I think she has plenty of executive experience. She's actually been an executive. What was Obama?

And no, I don't support her because she is a woman, only. I think she is a strong leader with vision, morality, intelligence, and a level head who happens to be a woman. She tore up the "establishment" in Alaska, believe it or not, simply by sticking to her guns. I'm sick of D.C. politicians, and I grew up there so I can say it!

If she were a male, would we scrutinize her the same? Or do you think that a man would do better, just by virtue of being male?

I hope she does well tomorrow night, but I agree she will have her work cut out for her.


Nick said...

The scrutiny is not the problem. The fact that she seems to be stumbling and bumbling under scrutiny is. Her gender doesn't matter when it comes to this.

The problem as I see it with most McCain supporters when it comes to Palin is that they defend her by saying "but the media is scrutinizing her more than Obama/Biden". I agree with that point. The problem is that your conclusion, "she is still qualified" does not follow from that point.

If she were really as hot to trot as McCain is saying she is, then she ought to be able to stand up to the scrutiny and hit back as hard as she is getting it. Then McCain would be able to say, "See, look how strong she is under this harsh light. Let's see Obama stand up to that!"

McCain can't do that with Palin as it stands right now, and it hurts him.