Monday, October 6, 2008

Kudos, LTE writers

This, a good LTE.
Nik Wilder: Obama has many questions to answer 10/01/08

Dear Editor:

Barack Obama tries to paint John McCain as an old fogey, but it seems most of Obama's supporters are old people. Most of us young people are tired of Obama using his color to elicit sympathy votes. We had nothing to do with the past segregation that he keeps alive in his mind.

We young people want to know why the seasoned voters are voting for Obama. Answers to these questions might help us understand.

Why did Obama vote present, excused or absent 232 out of 573 times?

Why did Obama spend 20 years learning from a preacher who was videotaped screaming "God damn America"?

Why did Obama speak to 200,000 people in Berlin, but did not visit our wounded soldiers in the same city?

Why do old people say that Obama is so eloquent? Young people see him as evasive.

Why did Obama attend a $5,000-a-seat Hollywood dinner two weeks ago while thousands of children went to bed hungry?

Why is Illinois' health care no better than any other state's when Obama touts himself as a health care champion?

Why does Obama want to "talk" to the heads of the renegade nations who want to destroy us?

What is Obama going to change and how is he going to change it?

Nik Wilder, Merrill
I'd like to know, too.

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