Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate reaction

Note: I am biased.

Greta Van Susteren's a cheesehead, she's a midwesterner, and likes the Palin-plain-speak.

I, like Greta, truly enjoy Sarah Palin. We, American people, like her, she speaks to us. And tonight, she literally turned to the camera and spoke to the American People.

A brilliant tactic, Palin was focused and sharp. Continually unafraid to respond to Biden's attacks, statements, and accusations toward McCain, Governor Palin answered the questions the way she knew viewers would respond to best. She spoke quickly, she was frank, she was knokwledgeable, and in good humor.

She was unapologetically comfortable and confident -her confidence only increasing as the debate went on. I can't say the wink at her teacher-father in the audience doesn't help with the likeability, oh, and the "bless your heart" comment to Gwen as she thanked her.

She pulled out the wit and the balls from her Gubernatorial campaign tapes and reminded Biden himself that we're not looking at the Bush administration anymore, we're moving ahead.

While some may not like her style, I think the polls may swing a little her way this next week. But as 24 hours is a week in politics, 4 weeks can be an eternity.

For tonight though, sure, hand me a Palin Pom-Pom.

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Nick said...

"We, American people, like her, she speaks to us."

I understand many people like her, but don't over generalize too much. The reverse does not hold... you are saying that people who don't like her aren't American. That is certainly not true, nor is it fair.