Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama's idea of contributing

"Part of the problem is...people don't feel as if they are sharing the burden with other folks. It's tough to ask to a teacher making $30-35,000 a year to tighten her belt and people who are making much more than her are living pretty high on the hog. And that's why it's important for the President to set a tone that says all of us are going to contribute, all of us are going to make sacrifices."

So those making above $250,000 as they are targeting are going to pay more than they pay now and the "middle class" gets a break. Actually - everyone else, believe it or not - is going to have to pay more taxes into the Federal Government under President Obama. Small businesses will have to pay more than they already do in mandates and fines. They will have to lay off their employees when they can't provide benefits for them because they are being taxed out of business. There is no other way to pay for his spending plan.

You think Sarah Palin is "rich"?
In 2006, the Palins paid $11,944 in taxes on $127,869 in income. In 2007, they paid $24,738 on $166,080.
The Palins paid in nearly $25,000 in taxes in 2007 - more than 200 times the amount they paid the year before on an income increase of only 30%. She paid more than my yearly salary in taxes. I actually do consider that sharing the tax burden.

The trick? Sarah Palin and people like her- with kids, demanding jobs, home mortgage payments, car payments, health and medical bills, energy costs, and loans to pay - have a lot to worry about and pay for each month. I'm single, in a small rented apartment and working hard, on a budget with similar payments (though not as hefty).

But we both choose to live within our means. We invest. We work hard. We pay the government what they ask of us. And we shouldn't have to pay for someone else to get health care. Palin deserves a doubled tax credit for each of her kids. I don't have kids, so I get something else. Like a choice on my healthcare.

Senator Obama wants the "rich" to pay for us bottom-feeders. I'm saying No Thanks. We shouldn't have to rely on the "rich" to fund the government programs we rely on. I think I'll work two jobs and take my own trash to the dump for crying out loud.

Betcha that doesn't quite mesh with Biden's definition of "fairness," eh?

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