Thursday, October 30, 2008

I voted!

and I didn't even get a crappy sticker! Thus a rant is in order...

Having gone Tuesday to the Madison City Clerk's office to check it out, I saw the lines around the building's first floor and realized I'd have to come back at a time when I could actually wait. But who actually has a time of their day allotted to "waiting in line" for whatever task needs to be accomplished? Ah yes, the guilt of one's "civic duty."

Anyway, I arrived a few minutes before the office opened today at 8, little did I know people had been gathering inside for an hour to form the line. Already 80 people back, if not more, I settled in for the long wait.

Indimidation set in. Every second person had to be wearing an Obama button, or three. Fine, deep breaths, these people don't know what they're doing.

And while you can call me whatever you like, liberals scream their political identity. They don't quietly disclose it, or keep their beliefs to themselves, nose in their Time magazine or Isthmus paper. Rather, they scream it. By how often they wash their hair, the number of buttons on their purses slung across their bodies, Birkenstock sandals, a nose tipped in the air. Whathaveyou. Am I stereotyping? Absolutely! Is it more often than not, true? Absolutely!!

A rather liberal-appearing lady came in and observed the line, a shocked look on her face as most of us had. She mentioned to the Obama-button wearer near me "oh this looks great for us!" "For us." Yes, it sure does. Students who wouldn't get up at noon if you paid them, and teachers off from school this week, also parents with their young, impressionable youth in tow. It looks great for you who want a Universal health care, irresponsible O-bomb-us attitude, white-hating, inexperienced, tax-raising, one-party-government organizer in the White House.

I can only hope there were a few quiet folks in line with the same fears as I, minding their own business and calmly waiting to cast their vote for John McCain today.


Anonymous said...

LMS loaded for bear today. Madison Wisconsin, 75 miles surrounded by reality. Did you wear your hot little McCain button as you stood in line?

lms said...

I should have worn a billboard!