Thursday, October 30, 2008

Race in the movies

Bradley effect hits hollywood?
LOS ANGELES ( -- Is there a "Bradley Effect" when it comes to the box office?

For those perhaps not paying close attention to the presidential election, with Sen. Barack Obama ahead in every national poll, political pundits have been feverishly inserting the words "Bradley Effect" into articles and sound bites in an effort to ratchet up the election-eve drama.

The expression explains in racial terms the 1982 defeat of Tom Bradley, a black Democrat who was at the time the mayor of Los Angeles, by his white Republican rival, George Deukmejian, in their quest for the governorship of California: The theory goes that despite polls predicting a Bradley win, white voters pulled the lever for Mr. Deukmejian.
If Obama wins, it's all moot!

When will we recognize a film for it's actors and not actors for the color of their skin?

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