Friday, October 31, 2008


I got fired up this morning on my drive to Green Bay. NPR and the ridiculous Joy Cardin had the Political Science professor from UW-River Falls on the show.

Kudos to the completely ignorant caller for asking why Sarah Palin keeps attacking Barack Obama and when are people going to stop asking "Who is Barack Obama?"

How about when Barack Obama stops hiding his citizenship record, or when Barack Obama stops fist-pumping his just-now-proud-of-America wife, or when Barack Obama makes it known that he actually renounces terrorists like Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright.

From all I know, and it's not a lot, I have no idea what Barack Obama, a four-year State Senator, is doing running for President of the United States. Even Clinton recognizes he needs the help of others because he doesn't understand. Translation = Obama is not ready to lead.

And another thing - Sarah Palin has endured nothing but vicious attack after vicious attack and has held her own among a liberal media elite who have backtracked every rule they put in the book about female leaders and press coverage. They're taking us backward, and Sarah Palin is only doing her job.

Who is Barack Obama?

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