Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ah, comments

In response to a comment I received that my blog contradicts the teachings of Jesus, I will only say this: I love Jesus and attempt to live my life walking with him.

That said, much of my blog consists of social commentary on a world fraught with sin and fallen beings. Myself included.

Humans are messy. We live in a world that's been polarized over issues as big as religion and politics, to things as simple as how to raise your kids. I find a more conservative approach - politically speaking - speaks to me as a positive way to survive in this world. Leave it up to personal responsibility to be held accountable for your own actions. Work hard to earn a living. Love God. Love your neighbor. Love your spouse. Make the most of what you have, etc. Don't expect a handout. That's what works for me. And not once, EVER, have a chalked it up to "that's what Jesus taught me."

Perhaps because they say I don't care for a liberal attitude, "Anonymous" is up in arms. But do I love the Liberal? Yes, I do.

I will not apologize for my blog postings or anyone's assumption that they reflect poorly on my relationship with Jesus. You don't know my relationship with Jesus.

I can have an opinion and still be a follower of Jesus. I'm not here to rub anyone's nose in my religion or faith beliefs. I'm here to comment on the social and political aspects of the society I live in and share things I find interesting, humorous, or downright stupid.

And as a follower of Jesus, I am still a sinner. I am still living in a broken world with the Devil whispering in my ear. I do my best to follow the moral guidelines I set for myself, but I do not live solely by a book of rules or a checkbook of checks written to the church in belief they will save my soul. Instead, I trust that in my longing for God and the time I spent with Jesus- also repenting of my sins - I may have a more fulfilled life.

Anon, feel free to reply. I appreciate insight from all angles, reminding me to be a stronger follower of Christ. Not a "Christian," as many have so lovingly dubbed us, but a follower of Christ.


Anonymous said...

As it worked out, what a great post for Holy Week! It's nice to hear someone with strong convictions so openly share what's in her heart.

(Just an aside, what is your distinction between "follower of Christ" and "Christian"?)

lms said...

I often feel the term "Christian" can have a negative connotation. It can refer to those who follow a Christian religion, but live completely contrary to any of the beliefs we hold true. A lot of the times, being Christian means you follow rules and certain ethics, go to church every week, and have an "I Fish with Jesus" bumper sticker. Under the term Christian is a societal expectation that we act a certain way.
Then, as Christians we often give ourselves a bad name, simply by our sin and worldly actions, though we don't mean to. (starters of wars, etc.) But no matter how poorly we act, we say we're "Christians" and that excuses it?

Oh to "be a Good Christian," one might say. What does that even mean?

As a follower of Jesus, I'm just trying. I'm a sinner, but I'm trying. And I know I'm loved and forgiven.

I just dislike the term Christian sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I am THE Anon. Great responses. I'll leave you alone now. Have a great rest of your holy week.

Rich said...

even Jesus threw an occaisional fit. His was even IN CHURCH! when he knocked over tables and called people names.

How quickly many people forget that there's a time and a place for nearly everything.

lms said...

Anon, I like your style. You are welcome to comment anytime.

And I agree, Rich. Isn't it awesome that Jesus can relate to pretty much every emotion we feel? Cool.

Rich said...

Head line should be:

"Two Bloggers Agree"

There is hope for humanity :)