Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wolverine movie leaked

I wanted to see it for Hugh, and Ryan Reynolds. But why waste the $8?
Internet pirates late Tuesday night got their claws into an early print of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox movie adapted from the popular Marvel Comics character. Overnight, thanks to file-sharing technology such as Bit Torrent, the stolen print -- essentially a 90% finished version of the final movie -- had spread around the globe.

But the peril "Wolverine" now faces, according to Marvel Studio's recently departed worldwide head of marketing and distribution, Geoff Ammer, is not piracy -- it's marketing.

"If it's a good movie, it won't fucking matter. People will go see it," Mr. Ammer said. "But if it's a bad movie, it could have consequences. There's such a small universe of people that would go and download the movie. So if one fan boy hates the movie and then goes on every fan site, saying 'This is unreleasable, blah blah blah.' one person's opinion doesn't make a difference. But if a lot of fanboys download it and all concur, en masse, that's your downside."
Yes, IF it's a good movie...In the meantime, Fox seeks to find and destroy the leakers.


sophomorecritic said...

Why waste the $8? I don't know, maybe because if you're watching the film, someone deserves to be paid for it. Movies cost money to be made, after all.

lms said...

Hey 10th grader with 'tude, perhaps my own tone did not come through when I posted this. I was saying that there's no need to spend $8 now that it's online...not that I wouldn't necessarily see it in a theatre and thus pay the $8.

Relax. Movie STARS also do not need to be paid as much as they are, no matter how much the movie cost to film (salaries are included).

Anonymous said...

I have seen this leaked version of the movie. Very good quality. Some of the special effect cgi were not complete, but really does not detract from the movie experience. Now I just want to say that in my opinion, they did not do as good a job with this script as they could have. Why does Hollywood have to take so many liberties in changing things from the original source material? I'm not saying they have to do a shot for shot from the comic books. They could take the "facts" and really bring them to life on film. A lot of comic book sourced films have been ruined cause someone probably never read the original comics and cared for the characters or the story.