Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirate Threats

Somali pirates are now vowing revenge after three of their group were killed over the weekend in the dramatic rescue of hero and Captain, Richard Phillips. Trading his safety for that of his crew, he took the place as a hostage and awaited rescue.

After snipers took down the three pirates who held him captive, the Somalis want revenge.
"From now on, if we capture foreign ships and their respective countries try to attack us, we will kill them (the hostages)," Jamac Habeb, a 30-year-old pirate, told the Associated Press from one of Somalia's piracy hubs, Eyl. "(U.S. forces have) become our No. 1 enemy." "Every country will be treated the way it treats us. In the future, America will be the one mourning and crying," Abdullahi Lami, one of the pirates holding a Greek ship anchored in the Somali town of Gaan, told The AP today. "We will retaliate (for) the killings of our men."
I'd vote to kill all these greedy Somalis. Wouldn't we be justified in hunting the pirates to take our revenge for holding our Naval ships hostage? I'm sure that's an offense in some law book.

If they had killed Captain Phillips, there would be no question.

Instead we let the pirates fire threats to kill Americans. Nevermind their nation whose struggle for power against Islamic insurgents keeps it in a state of instability, or the fact that citizens are starving to death while they demand $80,000,000 from whomever will pay up.

Nevermind that "The Maersk Alabama was in Somali waters because it was carrying food aid to hungry people in Africa, including Somalia." People like that don't care about anything but themselves.

Greedy thieves. I could go on and on.

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