Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Lady Frenzy

Hey, I like First Lady Michelle Obama too, but this article is almost nauseating in the love department.

This also makes her seem like she's taken a step back to 1950's housemom rather than forward into the national role of First Lady. She's doing both, folks, and it's cool. But let's not pretend she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. We can all love the first lady and feel however we want to about the President, but can we wait to roast her after a few more months?
Mrs. Obama organized her own kind of G-20 summit at the White House last month, with an all-female cast ranging from singer Alicia Keys to actress Fran Drescher to astronaut Mae Jemison.
The assignment was to go out and inspire young people. Girls, especially.

Getting them to see their potential wasn't something Mrs. Obama talked about on the campaign trail. The pep talks came after she realized the role model and source of inspiration she had become for so many.
OH please. Even I'm sure her head isn't that big.

And another thing: she's not a model or a couture fashion designer. J.Crew should just take a chill pill.

Mrs. Obama is doing just fine. I think she should be recognized, but this borderlines on blind praise. Just another example of our liberal media's love affair with the Obamas.

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