Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Unknown driver letter

Dear Unknown Driver~

Thank you for parking completely in front of the driveway where I park. No, it is not technically mine, but I pay for it's use in my monthly rent and therefore call it my own space for the time being. All through the night you sat there (luckily I was able to pull in before you found that "open space"). I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you would be gone in the morning, and alas, I was disappointed.

I appreciate that your long front end and drivers side door was blatantly blocking any exit, not to mention sidewalk access and the trashcans from being collected by pick-up, at 6:15 this morning when I attempted to leave for a meeting.

Thankfully, my work obligation would fall at a later hour, so I could call in late with my friends and our Bible study. But I sure do appreciate your consideration of my morning and activities, so that calling the police and waiting for them and the tow truck that would finally arrive and get it all settled one whole hour later, I could leave my house without stress or falling short of my obligations.

How thoughtful of you.

Thanks so much,

p.s. If you are drinking at night, park your car where you a)won't be blocking someone's driveway and b)won't get towed. Take a cab. Whatever you do, I hope you learn this lesson and think before you hit Parking Break.

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