Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lady Obama's Style

Couldn't have said it better myself!
Breaking news — “Michelle Obama steps off plane wearing J.Crew.” “Next on NBC, first lady expected to wear yellow at gala.” “Stay tuned to find out who looks better, Mrs. Obama or France’s Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at the economic summit.” “These stories and more, when we return from this commercial break.”

Give me a break. Who cares?

Apparently, I am in the minority when it comes to wondering about the intricacies behind how the first lady dresses and why she wears what she does. I care as much about the name on the tag in the back of Michelle Obama’s dress as I do about the tag in the boxer shorts of the guy sitting in the booth across from me at the diner.

Yes, she is a lovely lady but knowing the ins and outs of her wardrobe has gotten out of control. News wire services which papers across the nation, including The Dickinson Press, pay big bucks for are posting what she’s wearing as breaking news, and not just what she wears to colossal events. Everything, everywhere.

Google “Michelle Obama” and you’ll get just a few non-clothing related sites.

And way to go J.Crew for cashing in after the first lady let the world know that she was wearing its brand in an appearance on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Oh, and she also sported J.Crew in London recently, to a charity event and on and on. After the first lady’s designer choice was revealed on Leno, J.Crew stock soared and hits to the company’s Web site reportedly increased 3,000 percent! It’s almost as if J.Crew has some sort of sponsorship deal going.

The lead lady reportedly dresses for comfort and affordability. While she is the country’s top lady, her take on affordable may be a bit different than the average American’s. I, for one, would not find it affordable to spend $400 on a cardigan. I could pay off a month’s utilities, gas, groceries and so much more. Not to mention I could buy a year’s worth of clothes with half that much if I were to spend it at Dickinson’s own Arc Aid Thrift Store.

You want affordability and selection? The shop takes donations, sells them and the money helps support programs for those with disabilities including job preparation, education and health care.

You can doll yourself up — shoes, slacks, shirt and accessories — for less than $10. Often there are clothes with the tags still on them. (In case you are wondering, I don’t have some sort of sponsorship deal going with Arc.)

Let’s get Mrs. Obama to wear an ensemble from Arc and get the name out there next time she appears on late night TV. I’ll dig through the racks and pick an outfit for her if getting here from D.C. is too much trouble.

Imagine the money that would come in for these great programs once the world knows where the first lady purchased her clothes.

— Dickinson Press Managing Editor Jennifer McBride never claimed to know a thing about fashion and has never set foot in a J.Crew store.
And J.Crew isn't even that cute! It's expensive and often the quality is cheap. The look is preppy, so she can set that stereotype if she wants.

I like the reference to cost too, after all we heard about Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

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