Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama's best buds with Chavez

We know what he thinks! It's all about "negotiation."
In a news conference capping a three-day meeting of leaders from the Western Hemisphere, Obama also said the U.S. must engage other countries through humanitarian gestures, not only military intervention.

Obama said it would be a mistake to measure the Summit of the Americas by the specific agreements reached. By listening to his counterparts and eschewing heavy-handed diplomacy, he said, he was creating an atmosphere in which, "at the margins," foreign leaders are "more likely to want to cooperate than not cooperate."

A running theme of the summit was Obama's cordial dealings with Chavez, who once called former President George W. Bush the "devil" and who last month dismissed Obama as an "ignoramus." The two were photographed smiling and clasping hands.
What is beyond irritating about these reports are the emphasis on Obama's "humanitarian" focus. We're not going to go bombing everyone we disagree with - that wasn't what Bush did. Bush took action against those who were a direct threat to our safety and way of life.

Let's talk instead about his buddying up to Chavez, even after Chavez has verbally attacked America for no reason at all. To say that we brought 9/11 on ourselves is to side with the enemy. No, I'm not saying let's go bomb 'em, but honestly American Media- get a clue.

Between an ignoramus and the devil, I can't even conjur up a leader Chavez would approve of. Let's not worry about being friends. The U.S. has enough friends.

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