Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Favre diatribe

I've been a bear today to most folks, for that I apologize. But I'd like to take the opportunity to blame one person: Brett Faver. I mean, Favre.

First of all, the purple does nothing for his complexion. And what used to be a golden booty will now simply be a fasion faux pas- wearing white after labor day.
Uniform gripes aside, it's reported Favre will play the entire first half at the Houston game this weekend.

Yeah, because he has to show the Vikings coaching staff and his future "teammates" that he can still hack it.
Brett Favre's crash course in all things Viking ramps up this week, with coach Brad Childress saying Monday he expects the 39-year-old quarterback to play the entire first half of Minnesota's next exhibition game at Houston.

Favre signed last Tuesday, arriving with such fanfare that there was little time to fully prepare for his first appearance in purple, which came Friday night against Kansas City.

He played two series against the Chiefs, going 1 for 4 for 4 yards and no first downs.

The Vikings' third preseason game is next Monday night, and typically is when coaches play their starters the most. Childress said it will be important for Favre to get plenty of snaps to try to build chemistry with his offensive teammates before the regular season opens at Cleveland on Sept. 13.

Even though Favre missed more than two weeks of training camp, Childress said there was still plenty of time for him to catch up with the offense and learn his teammates' tendencies.

"He's doing everything he needs to do to get up to speed," Childress said. "(I'm) confident we've got the type (of team) and distance to be able to do that."
That's a lot to ask of a guy who doesn't like to practice with his team in the off-season, used to rather sleep in team film-watchings and several years after entering the NFL still didn't know what a nickel defense was. (I learned that at 5, Brett, no pun intended.)

For all the Vikings receivers, I'm sure they're shaking their head wondering what they're in for. If a new Favre doesn't show up- and I mean that literally- he won't earn the "right to start" that I'm sure he's signed for and there will be some pretty pissed off boys in purple.

So the entire first half it is, enough time for an entire first-half defense to kick the crap out of the old geezer.

Now the question is, will the dome be closed in Houston?

Game On.

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