Friday, August 21, 2009

Kind is kind, or at least peaceful

This pretty boy can do no wrong.
This is what we’ve been encountering in most of my public forums," Kind told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "I don’t know if it’s homegrown Wisconsin civility. Obviously, passions run deep on both sides of the health care discussions. There was enough respect and courtesy where you can conduct a forum of this nature without degenerating into mob rule."

Kind is a moderate Democrat and potential swing vote on any reform package seeking to make its way through Congress.

Tuesday’s meeting had almost a Norman Rockwell quality, with Kind politely sitting near a basket on the floor of the community center’s basketball court. One citizen after another stepping forward to a microphone near a three-point line on the court to give their take or ask a question.

It was a fine show of engaged citizenry, exercising free speech in a meaningful way. That’s how democracy is supposed to work.
Welcome to Pleasantville, folks. I think the folks at WI State Journal are smoking some reefer today.

Minus the half-crooked smile suggesting children should run and not take the candy, Ron Kind gets a glowing review of his "peaceful" townhalls.

Must be that civility.

If he's in the gubernatorial race ring, round one of editorial endorsements may already be done!

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