Monday, August 17, 2009

Voter rights

Can you imagine living in an America where this threat was present?
In other words, if Nato succeeds in restoring political stability to Afghanistan, then Islamist terror groups will have fewer opportunities to plan their terror attacks against the British Isles.

It is for this reason that Nato is investing so much effort to ensure that this week's presidential election in Afghanistan is a success, even though all that means is that the corrupt government of the current president, Hamid Karzai, will be re-elected to serve another term.

It also explains why the Taliban is doing everything in its power to disrupt the elections, from sending suicide bombers to launch terror attacks against Nato's headquarters in the capital, Kabul, as occurred on Saturday, to sending menacing "night letters" to Afghan families, threatening to cut off their fingers if they vote.
The purple ink will give them away and they'll lose their fingers.

Makes you think twice, folks. When you stand up at a town hall, you are not shot for your difference of opinion. Your tongue isn't cut out. You have all your fingers and can raise your hand in question or protest.

Be grateful.

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