Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feingold has no hope for healthcare bill

At least not before the end of the year. That's the spirit, Russ!
U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold told a large crowd gathered for a listening session in Iron County last week there would likely be no health care bill before the end of the year - and perhaps not at all.

It was an assessment Feingold said he didn't like, but the prospect of no health care legislation brought a burst of applause from a packed house of nearly 150 citizens at the Mercer Community Center.

"Nobody is going to bring a bill before Christmas, and maybe not even then, if this ever happens," Feingold said. "The divisions are so deep. I never seen anything like that."

Feingold reiterated his appraisal a bit later.

"We're headed in the direction of doing absolutely nothing, and I think that's unfortunate," he said when asked about the plight of uninsured Americans.
The problem is that representatives are NOT listening to their constituents. Maybe the holiday break will give them a chance to consider working for those who elected them.

The division is so deep because this issue is so critical- and the outcome could be severe if reform isn't done right.

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