Monday, August 17, 2009

Vick's remorse

CBS Sports correspondent James Brown didn't ask any questions that could have surprised Vick, and that allowed Vick to hit the basic themes he wants to get out there: He's remorseful for participating in dog fighting, he knows he was wrong, his time in prison caused him to re-think his life, he wants a second chance, and so on.

"First day I walked into prison, and they slammed that door, I knew the magnitude of the decisions that I made, and the poor judgment and what I allowed to happen to the animals," Vick said.
He knew he had ended up in prison and lost money. His sweet pad wouldn't be home for quite a while. His endorsements, gone. His contract, gone. His reputation, slaughtered like those pups.

No one who systematically tortures animals - personally drowned, electrocuted, organized fights, need I go on?! -and then collects the cash at the end feels THAT remorseful, unless he has a chance to get back into the spotlight and the seven "zeros" that follow after the dollar sign in his paycheck. I hardly believe this is heartfelt. HEINOUS!

AND another thing. It is NOT part of anyone's culture to viciously torture dogs and chickens in such a way.

Why did he cry? "For what I did..." and then NOTHING about dogs. Missing his family, his home, the football field. I'm sorry, did I just throw up in my mouth?

Let him out of prison, fine. Let him work his way in a blue collar job or whatever "pysical education" degree he received from VA Tech, the second best public school in Virginia.

Save it, Vick. I hope every defense you play against goes absolutely ape-shit on your ass and puts you back in rehab.


Christian Schneider said...

How dare you speak ill of the Hokies. Bite your tongue.

lms said...

I reserve all rights to trash talk the Hokies since August of 2003 when I was verbally accosted by a VATech alumnus at a gas station, filling up for my drive back to school.

There is something called loyalty and then there is something called a 40-something Frat boy loser.