Monday, August 10, 2009

Town Halls

Rep. Mike Pence on Fox News: "Look, the American people are rejecting a government take-over of health care"...and in a time when our deficit is over $2 billion.

The fear in my fellow Americans' eyes at these townhalls is apparent. For our Congressmen and women not to see it, concerns me. We have a desperate Democratic leadership and White House that have placed this at the top of their liberal agenda, regardless of the negative impact it will have.

I honestly believe this will backfire on Democrats- particularly their claim that dissent is un-American, their hypocritical Op-Ed (no one once called the Iraq War protestors un-American??), and their refusal to allow American constituents access to important facts.

It is frightening on so many levels.

Not to mention, all this while the House wants more money for government jets. Pelosi is clearly not in there for her constituents.

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