Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clinton Supporters- do they stand with McCain?

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (AP) -- The Wisconsin Democratic Party moved Friday to strip a woman of her position as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention after she told a newspaper she would vote for Republican Sen. John McCain for president in November.

State party members voted at their convention Friday night to challenge Debra Bartoshevich's status as a delegate to the Denver convention in late August, when Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is expected to get the party's presidential nomination.

Bartoshevich, of Waterford, supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign and was elected a Clinton delegate from the 1st Congressional District. She was certified as a national delegate by the party last month. Bartoschevich's reasoning lies in the experience factor. She is so bold as to desire to vote for Clinton at their convention and McCain in November. Do McCain's semi-liberal stances on other issues help sway her? Is it just Obama's lack of experience?

Additionally, the move is so personally hurtful to Democrats, it appears the political process means nothing to them.
Those comments prompted Democrats to support a complaint asking the national party's credentials committee to refuse to seat her at the convention. The resolution said Bartoshevich violated a Democratic National Committee rule requiring delegates to support the party's nominee and not any other candidate.
Maybe she shouldn't go to convention, but she shouldn't be attacked on the convention floor for underestimating this candidate they call "Barack and Roll." Yeah, roll into the river Styx...
"It's extremely important that we send a message that Democrats in the state of Wisconsin will never support somebody who supports John McCain for president," state party chairman Joe Wineke said to cheers among the hundreds of party activists.
Ouch, Joe is angry.
He said he was furious that Bartoshevich had given Republicans an opening to embarrass the Democrats.
So that's what he's upset about- he's embarrassed. He can't handle that someone is calling his candidate on the carpet, openly and honestly concerned for our nation because of Obama's lack of experience and the kool-aid that has drenched everyone's independent minds to chanting "Hope and Change!"

I bet more "democrats" than they realize may be Citizens for McCain. I understand that is likely to be behind the curtain the voting booth rather than at any county or state party gathering. Most cowards would never openly support a candidate from the opposing party even if they truly believed we'd be better off as a nation. Here's what I have to say to that: Grow some balls.

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