Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama off the Wright path

Obama quit his church yesterday. Do we now say there is a godless candidate on the left?
"I'm not denouncing the church and I'm not interested in people who want me to denounce the church," he said, adding that the new pastor at Trinity and "the church have been suffering from the attention my campaign has focused on them."

Senator Obama said he and his wife had been discussing the issue since Rev Wright's appearance at a Press Club speech in Washington that reignited furore over remarks he made in various sermons at the church.

"I suspect we'll find another church home for our family," Senator Obama said.

He said it was clear that, since he was a presidential candidate, any remarks made at Trinity by any speaker "will be imputed to me, even if they conflict" with his stated views and values.

He said he had "no idea" how the resignation would affect his presidential campaign, "but I know it's the right thing to do for the church and our family".
I find it interesting there is no mention of Obama's faith or God or how the family does or will worship. Yeah leaving a church is sad (unless it's a crappy church) and maybe faith and God are not important to most readers, but I would imagine Obama would want to say more about his faith than "I suspect we'll find another church" (suspect?), and crediting his own campaign for the church's even-negative publicity.

Wouldn't he want to ease the minds of his supporters, that though he has left his church, he relies heavily on his faith, or maybe believes it doesn't matter where one worships - that it's not the most important thing as long as one does. Just a suggestion.

Oh yeah, I'm a Jesus freak so I guess it's only me.

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