Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here we go

They are watching our political contest across the ocean. At "Kenya Today", a reporter points out something I actually appreciate NOT hearing about:
Anyone watching Senator Barack Obama’s victory speech should have been struck by the most outstanding feature of the brilliant address: Not once did he talk about himself. He did not talk about the historic accomplishment of becoming the first black person, the first minority, to become a major-party presidential candidate.

He paid tribute to his grandmother and his wife and family; he thanked his campaign staff and the thousands of volunteers; he lauded the supporters who contributed to the biggest grassroots campaign fundraising in American history; he remembered the millions of Americans who supported the cause and made that great moment possible; (blah, blah, blah)...he was gracious in praise for his vanquished foes in the Democratic Party nomination contest, and particularly effusive in acknowledging his most serious rival, Hilary Clinton.
Yesterday when I heard Wolf Blitzer announce that Obama had nearly clinched the nomination, "WHAT A HISTORIC MOMENT, PEOPLE! HISTORIC!," I decided I was done with the whole issue.

I do not see a black man when I look at Barack Obama. I see an inexperienced joke of a Senator who will lead our country into a dangerous place if he is not defeated in this November's contest.

At least Obama himself is not talking about his skin color.

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