Monday, June 9, 2008

Spike without facts

Spike Lee has a temper.
"First of all, the man is not my father and we’re not on a plantation either,” Lee angrily said, referring to Clint’s insistence that Lee “shut his face” over perceived racial inaccuracies in his WWII drama “Flags of our Fathers.”
What I find the most interesting is that a director like Lee, who would likely desire to uphold his own integrity, wouldn't care to check the facts. The question at hand is "Who raised the flag?" not "Were there black soldiers at Iwo Jima?"

And lastly, Lee is digging his own hole. Really, Spike? You want to make this about plantations and slave owners and slaves? You want to infer that Clint Eastwood is a white southern slave owner who tells you what to do, makes you work in the hot fields, denies you the right to vote, the right to land, the right to your own schedule - maybe even whips you and rapes your wife? Clint Eastwood's really been whipping you hard lately. And I'm pretty sure if you had done your research, you'd be hard pressed to find slave owners having said "shut your face" to their slaves.

Once again, I IMPLORE YOU, let's make reference to the EQUALITY that now exists. Let's embrace the progressive society where a black man can now be an accomplished film director or even run for President. Or else, shut your face.

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