Friday, November 14, 2008

Doyle, of possible use to Obama

He's been "contacted."
It is unknown what potential positions Doyle might be offered or would be interested in within the Obama administration.

Given Doyle's law background, there is some speculation that he could be offered the attorney general job, but so far his name hasn't shown up on any circulated lists.

Doyle has said numerous times in the last few weeks that he "intends to remain the governor of Wisconsin" but would have to consider the possibility of an appointment if asked by the president.
Well, he's certainly...articulate?
WISC-TV asked Doyle following Obama's election about how hard it would be to turn down an appointment.

"I've never had a president call me up and say, 'This what I'd like you to do,' and if that call were to come -- and I don't think it's going to come, I wouldn't expect that it would come, I'm not trying to have it come -- if that call were to come, I think I, just like anyone, would have to take it very seriously," said Doyle.
Some nerves there?
If Doyle was interested in a possible appointment, he would have to complete a 63-item questionnaire.

Obama's team is asking each possible selection for an administration appointment to complete the questionnaire, which includes questions about everything from Internet aliases to prior gifts worth more than $50 from people other than friends and family.

It also asks candidates to identify all speeches they have given and to provide text or recordings of each.

It is unknown if Doyle is currently compiling that information.
He better weigh his answers to those 63 questions carefully... it could determine the shape of Obama's cabinet.

And not to mention his departure would leave us with Governor Lawton. Awesome, a governor who supports, like, arts, and stuff.

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