Monday, November 3, 2008

Palin cancels interview w/ Fox News

Not smart. Megyn Kelly delivered an angry "apology on behalf of the McCain campaign" this morning, as they broke their word on having Palin sit down for a ten minute interview with Kelly.

Fox News' "Viewers deserved better," she said.

Never a good thing.


Nick said...

Smart move. Why bother spending time someplace that is mostly filled with people who are ALREADY going to vote for you? There is a time for choir preaching... now is not that time if you are the McCain camp.

lms said...

I suppose. I have already cast my ballot, but I find the McCain campaign's attitude to be less than appreciative in these last few days.

There is a cocky arrogance and at the same time, an ungrateful expectation of our support and our time. While they indeed should expect conservatives to vote for McCain, it can't be taken for granted.