Monday, November 24, 2008

Ho-ho-so Greedy

Audience guests at Oprah's Favorite Things show are probably the most coveted tickets for females aged 33-72 since George Clooney broke up with that model.

Strike that, they're the most coveted tickets in the history of talk shows, anytime, ever.

And people are complaining that they're not getting enough free stuff?!
Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode is one of the best tickets in town every year. The lucky members of the studio audience usually walk away with some very expensive gifts as the host talks up things to buy on the show. Last year it was a $3,800 HDTV refrigerator. This year? Coal. Or maybe, hugs?

Well, not exactly. A leak about the highly secretive show, which airs next Wednesday on the day before Thanksgiving, has made it to Perez Hilton, who reports that one audience member was sorely disappointed by the price tag of her swag. The Oprah Blog confirms that the gift list will be toned down this year, and that some of the gifts will even be free.
Wow, what a greedy bitch.

Some people would be happy if Oprah handed them a wad of her used toilet paper. And some, would just be grateful to be in the audience and see her.

Let's be Thankful, shall we?

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