Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Twilight Review

I chose to forgo the Midnight showing last Friday, but was just as excited Sunday evening to see Twilight hit the big screen.

A tried and true fan of the written series, I've managed to get two friends, mom, sister, hair dresser, and coworker hooked. Disclaimer: I cannot help if those friends get overly excited and purchase the subsequent books before I can loan them out.

Needless to say, the movie was a smash hit. Disappointments hit only after when I realized the parts of the book that get left out. But it's hard in Hollywood,and on a $37 million budget, to get a 500 page book and all it's high-school romance glory, to translate to the big screen.

Well done, screenwriter and director. Each major scene was hit in some way, and dialogue was true to the book. Moving to Forks, car scene, first encounter, lunchtime, evenings in her room, meeting the vampire family, the hunt, etc. Pattinson was exactly as I pictured Edward, to a tee. Stewart, in trailers left me wanting more, but did very well to the character of Bella.

Soundtrack was especially moving.

My favorite part was the feeling of a school girl, giggling quietly in the parts where the actors' faces somehow wink at the fans of the books more so than to a simple movie viewer in the audience. We know exactly what the intention of a glance or a smirk might mean, knowing the backstories and the future of these characters.

For what could have flopped, and with only a few semi-cheesey effects, is a much applauded movie. It was funny. I was pleased.

And for the males in awe of this sudden mayhem, the first may be a little too lovey dovey, but the idea of these vampires that live among humans is fascinating. The second book is often the favorite for male readers, so I'm told. New Moon should make for an even better movie, with motorcycle tricks, cliff-diving, scenes in Italy, and more.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read the books, but my girlfriend and I saw it last night (with two friends of mine from high school). We all liked the movie over all, but we were also in consensus that the writing wasn't that good... and especially the actors delivering the dialog.

A lot of it seemed forced, and disjoint. Definitely an interesting plot line though.

I was curious that the story seemed to diverge from typical vampire mythology though, especially their reaction to the daylight, and how there was a big cross in the vampire house.