Monday, March 10, 2008

All American

I have watched this guy since he was a high school senior UVA-recruit.
The evidence is in the anecdotes. After Chris was honored as the ACC Defensive Player of the Year in December, he flew home from the awards banquet with Virginia sports information director Jim Daves. During a layover in Philadelphia they learned that the Cavaliers would play Texas Tech in the Gator Bowl. Chris grabbed Daves's laptop computer, called up the Texas Tech website and clicked on the bio of left tackle Rylan Reed. Daves asked him why. "Because he's got my lunch money," Chris responded.

Virginia lost to Texas Tech 31-28; but even before the game began, Long had impressed Reed. "When you watch film, it can be kind of boring," says Reed. "But it was actually fun watching Chris Long. The guy won't quit. He thinks he's going to make every play. He will not accept getting beat. It was really an honor to be on the field with him."
He will be a quality NFL player.


Anonymous said...

i think whoever gave him a college tour at UVA deserves a great deal of thanks.

lms said...

You're telling me!! The recruiting team at UVA is Stellar. Al Groh has an amazing program