Monday, March 31, 2008

They always find some reason to Boo....

"Cheers and Jeers," they say?
By the time Bush emerged onto the baseball field, he had ditched the gray sports coat and popped out of the home dugout in a red Nationals jacket. He was greeted by plenty of loud jeers, but also determined cheers, as if the fans in both camps were trying to outduel each other.

The president didn't dawdle on the pitcher's mound. He quickly released the ceremonial first pitch high and to the third-base side of the plate, where Washington Nationals manager Manny Acta caught it with ease.

It wasn't surprising that Bush's pitch went high. People tend to have long memories when the ball is bounced to home plate. So Bush made time this week to hurl some practice pitches in his backyard — the South Lawn of the White House. He took some private throws just before his prime-time toss Sunday.

"I didn't want to bounce it, that's for certain," Bush later told ESPN announcers Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. "That's why I came in with high heat."
They can't even show him respect for the twenty seconds it takes to throw out the first pitch.

I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Bush isn't bothered by it, his self esteem takes no hits. Afterall, the pitch went high, it didn't bounce.


Kate said...

Now this kind of crap seriously chaps my hide! I'm no big Bush fan, but he is still the POTUS and should be shown respect as such. I don't give a flip who is in that office, ALL should be respectful of the office itself.

Other Side said...

Hey Little Missy ... presidents other than Bush, Jr. have been booed before ... both sides of the aisle. Don't get your undies in a bundle.

lms said...

Oh dear. I should have stated that NO TIME is it appropriate to boo the president giving out the first pitch. Come on!

And undies in a bundle? I prefer "panties in a twist!"