Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me

A few days ago, THIS ran as the front page of the The Cap Times online. I couldn't even bare to pick up a hard copy for fear it would actually be on the front page... a little drama much? Blame it on the Project Runway marathon tonight, but I'm feeling Fierce!

I lost my water on the title alone: Will global warming affect Packers' success? PFFFFF! I had to wipe the computer screen. But wait:
Losing Brett Favre is hard enough, but what if the Green Bay Packers lost their home field advantage?

Global warming could remove those icy cold days and snowstorms that tend to benefit the Pack if they're playing against a team more accustomed to warm weather.

An analysis by Environment America found that cold weather teams won more than 65 percent of their home games played from November through January against warm weather teams from 1998 through 2005.

And though all cold weather stadiums saw average football season temperatures rise during the past seven years compared to the previous 30 years, Green Bay had the highest increase at 4.1 degrees.

So what about this past season, when cold and snow triumphed? Perhaps that's the exception that proved the rule, environmentalists say. The Packers did very well in 2007-08.
As if it's a surprise that we had a decent season? What, did the weather improve from 22 to 26 degrees?

Oh it gets better:
"In fact, temperatures rising at Lambeau could fumble away our home field advantage. We have solutions available. It's time to use them and have a new game plan for a second-half comeback," Kohler said.

Other more serious effects are ahead for the environment, economy and public health because of rising temperatures, unless state and federal legislators take decisive action, he warned.
I am sickened, Anita Weier. That you would take something as sacred as the Packers and as tragic as Brett Favre's retirement and use them to produce a crap political piece about the "effect of global warming on Wisconsin," trying to pull the Cheeseheads' heartstrings in the way of actually caring about global warming, makes me want to vomit - and makes me embarrassed to read this paper.

After a record year of snowfall, temperatures way below average into March, I hardly believe anyone is feeling sympathetic to the woes of global warming. Bring the polar bears to Madison if we're so afraid of their extinction. I'm sure they'll last longer here than on their apparently melting icecaps. Heck, the alleyway next to my house is still a layer of sheer ice.

I'm finally proud of the commenatators on the CapTimes website, who seem to see the complete and utter BULL SHIT that is this article. Editors- excuse me, but this is worthy of the front page? (Will you print an editorial about why my whiteness rocks? Ok, sorry, that BS is getting old too...but you see my point). My favorite is "pete" who says to stick global warming where the sun don't shine!

Thanks Pete. And if any Packers want to sign my petition to tell Anita Weier to do the same, it's printing...

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Marcus Aurelius said...

What HFA? The Packers long ago lost that magical HFA and it seems to me they have had a number of playoff exits in that climatical HFA magic.

HFA is considered to be worth about three points.