Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ladies' Napoleon syndrome?

Fox News this morning is telling me that for ladies- if you are short and you have "an opponent" who is taller than you, you're going to be jealous of her.
If you are short no matter what, you will probably resent taller people.

I disagree. I recently met a woman who is easily 6'1''. Am I jealous of her? No. She plays volleyball and is beautiful, but imagine how difficult her life might be in other areas? How about dating- what 5'8'' guy would ask her out? Her hugs are awkward because people are wrapping themselves around her waist. While she should of course accept her body and love what God gave her, I am in no way jealous of this woman.

In fact, it has taken me over two decades, but I now accept my petite-ness. In fact, I rejoice in it. From the height I gain in 3 inch heels, to the array of boys I can date, to the small places I can climb through and fit between - being petite has its perks!

Do I think this "Napoleon Syndrome" exists for some men, though? Absolutely!

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