Sunday, March 9, 2008

I live with trash

I'd like the opportunity to expostulate upon the trash I live among.

I live in a house apartment with four other units. In the alley way between our house and another complex, sit multiple trashcans. I think the goal is we all have our own, but they're communal, no biggie.

They have sat and packed and packed full of trash for the past few weeks. Why? Because no one is evidently capable of taking the trash cans out to the street on garbage day. Nor is anyone capable of bearing the wind and weather to move the cans, allowing snow to pile up on top of them.

Why can't I do this? I have done this multiple times- November, even December with the first snowfalls. And, I bring them back in the next morning. I have only seen myself performing this magical act. Yes, it remains a "shared responsibility" according to my lease. Hmmmm. However, now I am not physically strong enough to lift the cans out of their snow-packed coccoons and drag them to the street. Yes, this is sad.

They are overflowing and attracting the animals. And what brilliance do my housemates have, but to continue to add the trash to those cans?! Pile it on, no problem neighbors!!

A squirrel surprised me the other morning, which of course my mind followed with an overdramatization that I could acquire rabies should I be surprised by an infected rodent one night walking past their newfound trash-engorged lair and perhaps bitten!.... While this is completely disgusting in and of itself, the smell and decomposition now occuring makes even walking past the cans almost unbearable.

And yet upon my latest exit, I met my neighbor for the third time. He didn't remember our previous introductions I guess. I can no doubt blame the stoner for at least his trash cans - and probably some of that excess trash - and of course, I will remain irritated.

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