Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Right to protest, or take up space

On Capitol Square today there are three Homeland Security Federal Cop cars parked. There are also three hometown loser protestors parked as well, on the sidewalk.

Walking past a large paper mache doll of what is supposed to look like President Bush w/ large monkey ears, I can't help but marvel at the impact they have made. What a wonderful exercise to your free-speech rights - to sit out on a beautiful day stonin' and bitching w/ your cohorts about how Bush is the worst president ever. They aren't even trying to talk to passersby, or hand out informational sheets about whatever they hate so much about America and America's leader. What a statement they have shouted at those empty vehicles. Another stands across the street on the corner with a sign "G.O.P" something about alien takeover.... at least it might as well say that.

And back at my house, where the trash situation has only returned for me to deal with this week- thank goodness the snow has melted and I can move the cans myself - I greet my stoner neighbor once again to an empty blank stare and a "you live here?"

Yeah, Louie (this is obviously an alias to protect stoner-neighbor's identity), I live here. Why don't you go join your friends on the square. They could use one more I'm sure.

Or, think about a job. That could work too.

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