Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad play on words

I admit, I am an occasional reader of what I call "smut magazines." On a lazy Sunday, I'll walk thru the Walmart and pick up a Glamour, an US, maybe even a Cosmo for my afternoon couch potato ritual. While I do not consider this something I am proud of, nor do I obsess over the latest breakdown Britney is having, I do enjoy some aspects of these magazines - even if it's just a good laugh. Afterall, every girl needs to at least know what the latest trends are, even if she can't spend $500 on a pair of Manolos...

Anywho, to my surprise, I came upon a Glamour "buzz" page entitled, "Meet the sperminators!" Around the hideous title were pictures of the latest celebrities who've been knocked up out of wedlock.

Not only is Casey Aldridge, father of the latest Spears' family addition, the first face we see, this is evidently the norm and something he should be crowned for - yes, impregnating 16 year old Jamie Lynn. 4 of the 5 celebrity duos (Cash & Jessica Alba, Matthew McConaughey & Camila, Halle Berry and Gabriel, and the Aguileras) are not married, nor engaged. They are happily flaunting their love children.

Now, before I continue, I merely want to flash the caution sign. This is not an entry meant to, in any way, insult those who have children without being married, deal with unexpected pregnancy, etc. I would just like to use this as an introduction to a discussion about changing societal norms. I welcome your comments.

I was having a chat with a friend the other day and we realized that marriage has been in some ways, taken out of the picture. Society doesn't really put a lot of stock in it anymore. Having children out of wedlock is in many ways, a new societal norm- and not just according to Hollywood. But how does it translate to the real world? Are we becoming lazier- less interested in commitment and more in temptation? It is a license to leave? I don't know for sure. Tom and Katie got married after Suri came along. Angelina and Brad simply add to their brood practically daily, and yet no rings. Heck, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn- also Tim Reynolds and Susan Sarandon have coexited for years with children and yet without the legal binding. Female celebrities think about having babies when they are completely unattached! Do those examples just encourage a greater problem? Is it even a problem?

I'm a conservative gal. I guess I'm feeling a little lost in this new age. Some argue as long as the baby has parents to love it, who cares if they are married parents? Does it matter anymore? I think it does, but I'm curious what others out there believe now. Does Hollywood have any sway on whether or not a 19 year old college sophomore gets pregnant with her boyfriend, and keeps it? While their parents may frown, is that now accepted behavior?

If Halle Berry and her beautiful beau want to have a baby, good for them. Far be it from me to tell a financially stable, mother-in-practice that she can't. But to put Casey Aldridge in the mix and crown him a "sperminator"? NOT on the same level. NOT OK.

Are we reaching a point where it says more or speaks louder if you have a baby and you don't get married?

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