Monday, May 5, 2008

911 without the emergency

Before her death, Brittany Zimmerman called 911, but nothing was done as a result of her silent plea for help.
Shortly before she was murdered in Madison on April 2, a 911 call came in from her cell phone, and the dispatcher who took the call asked several times if there was an emergency, and after getting no response, hung up.

Instead of trying to call back or sending help - standard procedure - the dispatcher moved on to another call.... The call that the dispatcher moved on to as Brittany Zimmermann was apparently dying was, in fact, a hang-up call as well.

The same dispatcher did call back that time, and determined there was no real emergency; but either forgot about Brittany or figured it wasn't important.
I am saddened and disgusted.

Let's hope that we teach our children when it really IS appropriate to call 911, so that we never have to read articles like this again. The women who are guilty of the following should be ashamed for their stupidity and for giving the female gender a bad name:
In Burlington, after all, a woman once called 911 to report that she'd seen an albino deer.

Another in the same city called 911 last fall to complain that something she bought at a rummage sale didn't work.

In Dodge County last year, a woman called 911 because she needed a baby sitter.

In Brown County, a woman once received a $243 ticket after calling 911 to complain that her 12-year-old son wouldn't go to bed.
Those ladies should have spent a night in jail for their blunders.

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