Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Amy Wi-do we give a hoot?

Why do Amy Winehouse, her drug problems, her father, and now her bald spots seem to captivate our society and grace the cover of every celebrity magazine on the shelf?

I really could not care less, so I'm contradicting myself by this posting, but honestly, this is getting ridiculous. WHO CARES?

What would it take for People and US magazine and that entire culture to feature real humanitarians and stories of real people contributing to society and their communities, BEFORE the pictures of Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears in their cracked-out breakdowns, not in the back pages when readers have already been over-stimulated by paparazzi shots and throw them away?

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David Casper said...

I forget who said he was writing a book about it, but it was interesting when I first saw it.

His theory was that civilizations, when they reach their peak, look for new ways to entertain themselves. Historically, one of these involved human sacrifice. As we are too civilized to practice actual sacrifice, our infatuation with the self-destruction of celebrities like Spears, Winehouse and Cruise is an example of just that.

South Park happened to do an episode on that very topic. Check it out.