Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Respect yourselves

Last night while out for a friend's birthday, I had a chance to look around me at the latest UW fashions. Ladies, yes it is summer time and we all want to feel beautiful and sexy and attractive. However, let's not show it all right away. I know I could have done without a few of the visions I noticed on my way to the restroom and back.

I couldn't believe how little respect some girls must have for themselves. To wear a summer dress un-buttoned down to your cleavage and slit up so you have to keep tugging at it to sit down like a lady, or a low slutty tube-top and a barely-there mini, is not the right way to attract attention.

Why should any guy respect you by buying a ticket when they can see the whole show for free?

Ladies, you are beautiful, you are captivating, without 3/4 of your skin showing. Show them that and try to believe it for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Where were you? I don't ask that b/c I want to go see for myself, but rather because I was on the East side Saturday night at a place definitely occupied by a college crowd, and it was pretty tame clothing-wise. Lots of attractive college girls, but not a lot of skin showing.

Maybe you need to start picking better bars to reflect your attitudes.

Christian Schneider said...

That does sound horrible. Where exactly was this again?

lms said...

Nick, you see, I didn't pick the bar. Alas, I enjoyed hanging out there. I just wish I could love more girls and show them where their worth is found.