Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does anyone say what they think anymore?

Sharon Stone said perhaps the earthquake in China was "bad karma" for their government's treatment of Tibet. Sharon Stone was dropped by Christian Dior. Sharon Stone is now apologizing.

Here's the quote:
"I'm not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else... And I've been concerned about how should we deal with the Olympics... And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, 'Is that karma?

When you're not nice then the bad things happen to you?' And then I got a letter from the Tibetan Foundation that they wanted to go and be helpful. And that made me cry... It was a big lesson to me. I learned that sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service, even to people who aren't nice to you."
Sounds more like a bad pageant interview response than a misspoken celebrity.

Why do celebrities and politicians speak - and she had thought about this before, this wasn't a new idea- and then take back their comments as if they were horrible gaffes in embarrassed apologies?

And here's her apology:
"Due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people. I am willing to take part in the relief work of China's earthquake, and wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people."
She's not really sorry for what she said. She's sorry she got dumped as a spokesmodel for a famed fashion designer. It's the public pressure not to lose clout, to still be liked no matter what you say.

It's really too bad. I wouldn't begin to know (or care, for that matter) what Sharon Stone really thinks about the Chinese earthquake by her see-saw act.

But at least public embarrassment and shame will allow for some much needed celebrity money and attention for a natural disaster.


Anonymous said...

Its a shameful and popular thing to do... just like some ultra religious zealots and conservatives who said that Katrina was punishment for the sin of New Orleans, or even how 9/11 was retribution for the sinfulness of America.

Makes me want to vomit.

lms said...


And to clarify, I never said her remarks weren't insensitive and inappropriate. But the reason for the apology is so transparent.

I suppose most people in Hollywood are.