Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bitchy Dems

The libs need to take a chill pill. I read this LTE today in the Wisconsin State Journal:
Absentee ballots and call raise suspicions

Recently we received a phone call telling us that we would be receiving an absentee ballot in the mail. Along with this information was a lengthy tirade against the Democratic Party.

We had not requested the ballot, so we called the state Elections Board to object. We were told to either tear it up, or if we planned to send in the ballot, to make sure the correct clerk's address was listed. Evidently, the incorrect address is on the mail-in envelope which would mean that the vote would not be counted.

What an interesting way to disenfranchise voters.
-- Nancy and Richard Schultz, Madison.
PUH-LEASE Nancy. I am making similar survey calls and I can assure you there is no lengthy tirade against the Democrats.

What an interesting way to smear "the opposition" without specifically citing who.

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