Monday, September 22, 2008

RPW moves into lawsuit

The AG is doing a good thing for Wisconsin voters, whether or not they will vote Republican or Democrat, Independent or write-in.

Now the Republican Party of Wisconsin is now also joining the fight, and it's about time. Now we'll hear the cries of "partisan politics" ring out.
The judge will first take up a motion to disqualify the attorney general from the case. The GAB said Van Hollen is breaking lawyer rules by suing the GAB at the same time he's working with them on other cases.

Other motions for the state Democratic Party to intervene, as well as Madison Teachers Inc. and the Madison Firefighters, will be heard after that.

Other motions, including one by Van Hollen asking for an immediate judgment, have yet to be scheduled.

GAB attorney Lester Pines said Thursday that the attorney general was declaring "war" on the GAB and questioned his timing of the lawsuit so close to the November election.

The attorney for Van Hollen said he is legally pursuing legal action in effort to get Wisconsin in compliance with a Federal Voter Registration law called HAVA. Van Hollen was not in court Thursday.

The lawsuit seeks to force clerks to verify the identities of between 240,000 and 1 million voters before the election. Van Hollen, a Republican, wants the board to determine who is ineligible and remove them from the registration rolls.
OK conspiracy theorists- go ahead, blame the GOP b/c they and their head-strong Attorney General want to take Dems off the rosters...even though the teachers union and DPW already stepped in.

Actually, No. The reason this is close to the election, is because the time is NOW to get this fixed. It is not December, it is not next May after the elections. It's NOW. The GAB needs to learn the definition of urgency, and get their asses in gear.

Thanks RPW, for adding some armor to the troops.

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