Thursday, July 12, 2007

6.3 % !

The Alliance has honed in on what I think may be the most important finding of the 2nd quarter fundraising numbers for Congressman Kagen.

6.3% ONLY from constituents within the 8th Congressional District. 6.3%. Sad.

I would hate to be a congressman that got elected because voters were against the President and therefore the Party he was with and the war he was leading, instead of on my own merit. We'll see if Kagen's merit is good enough in 16 months.

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Horace said...

He's a 1 termer ... no doubt about it. The fact that he can't or isn't raising money from within the district says a lot. Frankly, it might be good for that district in the long run that he won ... a reminder of how out of touch a liberal like Kagen REALLY is with the majority of constituents that live there. It'll be 20 years before they elect another lib to represent them.