Thursday, July 5, 2007

Favre not the best in #4??

I'm shocked. I'm appalled. This is slander, blasphemy!

Sports Illustrated chooses Orr as the best athlete to wear #4 on a jersey. Runner up, Lou Gehrig (well, who can say anything bad about Gehrig), but Favre is merely "worthy of consideration."

Brett Favre is the Only 3-time NFL MVP, led the Packers to two superbowls, 1997 Super Bowl Champion, holds the record for most consecutive starts among NFL quarterbacks, AND most completions, will hold every major passing record, touchdown completion passing record, and record for total victories as a starting quaterback after the 2008 season, and is only worthy of consideration?!

(Thoughts: SI = bunch of dolts.)

I rest my case.

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