Sunday, July 8, 2007

A plea for wrestling alligators

Because this is a good idea?
Alligator handlers across South Florida said there is simply less money, glamour
and interest in the profession today than in its glory days, when crowds flocked
to roadside shows.
"I believe gator wrestlers are definitely a dying breed," said James Peacock, wildlife manager at Native Village in Hollywood. "We're fading out. Just like the cowboys and Indians of yesteryear, or the Japanese samurai."
Ah yes, alligator wrestlers are like Indians and Samurai....
Former Seminole Indian tribal chairman and alligator wrestler James Billie lost
a finger to an alligator, and still keeps the finger in a jar at his house.
Billie said the shows have died out along with the Indians' change in lifestyle.
"We don't have to hunt anymore," Billie said. "We eat bologna sandwiches like the rest of the world."
From alligators to bologna? All sarcasm aside, what is this article actually about?

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