Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tragedy TV is cyclical

When news is really tragedy-TV and in-depth features are just mouthpieces for whoever claims the title "victim" today, four have died during an attempt to cover such a tragedy saga.
PHOENIX — Federal investigators hope to determine why two news helicopters covering a police chase on live television collided and crashed to the ground, killing all four people on board.

Both helicopters from local TV stations went down in a grassy park in central Phoenix and caught fire Friday afternoon. No one on the ground was hurt.

What was the purpose of this? A high speed chase...
The helicopters were covering the police pursuit of a work truck. Just before the collision, the driver had jumped out of the nearly disabled flatbed pickup and carjacked another truck.
I'll ask them now, was this story really worth it? Two helicopters crashed and four people died in an attempt to capture the better camera angle for the lead story on the 6 pm news.

Why isn't the after-shot enough? I wish I had more sympathy.

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